Benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation are now validated by scientific research and the practice is increasingly becoming popular.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Improve physical & mental wellbeing and increase longevity
  • Ability to handle challenges and manage emotions
  • Improve emotional intelligence and strengthen relationships
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Discover oneself and experience inner peace and wellbeing for a leading a happier life

Our wellness programs are aimed at educating the public about the impact of stressful living and provide practical ways to improve health and wellbeing.

We offer services to organizations as well as to the public to inform them of the benefits of mindfulness meditation and how to start the practice. Following services are now available.

  • Half day course: (3hr session) This is a teaser to introduce Mindfulness concepts and practices
  • Five week course: (50min session per week for five consecutive weeks) Course is aimed at beginners to understand the basics and start regular mindfulness practice and motivate to continue the practice on their own
  • Ten week course: (50 min session per week for ten consecutive weeks)
    Course is aimed covering number of different mindfulness meditation techniques so that participants, beginners and experienced, can decide what works best for their daily practice based on individual needs.

Currently all talks and classes are via Zoom.
Organizations interested in using any of our services please email us at [email protected].

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Sunil Nethisinghe is an experienced meditator, practicing for over 30 years. He has conducted Mindfulness Meditation classes and given talks on the subject at various speaking engagements in US, UK and Australia. He was a speaker in the Cupertino Library Wellness series, on “Mindfulness Meditation: Theory & Practice”.

Sunil, now a retired executive from the Semiconductor Industry is following his passion to share knowledge and experience in Mindfulness Meditation for the benefit of others.

Nilushka Melnick was introduced to mindfulness practice at a young age and has deepened her practice with a long silent meditation retreat. She applies her practice to confront stress and anxiety in her professional and personal life. She has facilitated many mindfulness classes in the bay area and conducts mindfulness meditation classes for Stanford Healthcare employees. Nilushka has a BS in Neuroscience from UC Riverside, a Masters in Public Health from Boston University and her lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Nilushka is currently the Director of Strategic Programs at Stanford Health Care. She is passionate about sharing her Mindfulness practice to help others.

Mindfulness Meditation: Theory & Practice by Sunil Nethisinghe

How to practice Mindfulness Meditation by Sunil Nethisinghe. Yoho Talk Webinar December 9th 2020 

Ten week Mindfulness Meditation Course. Class 10 by Sunil Nethisinghe & Nilushka Melnick

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