"Health is Wealth"

According to the letter released by the Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA), all hospitals across the country lack access to emergency drugs and medical equipment. Fatalities due to this economic and humanitarian crisis are expected to exceed that of COVID-19. HSSF is engaged on two fronts to help the Sri Lankans in need. We are springing into action and need your support.

Project 1: We need immediate funds to ship two container loads of medical equipment and supplies to Sri Lanka. Please donate NOW, and join us at the fundraiser dinner dance on Saturday, July 30th, for an update on the progress and our transparent local distribution. Early purchase of tickets to this event will also help us fund our urgent activities. Please visit links below for DONATIONS.

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Project 2: HSSF is also part of a group of nonprofit organizations in US working on shipping urgent medicines to needy hospitals in Sri Lanka. HSSF is sharing its expertise in logistics and facilitating these deliverables. 

Hospital Services Support Foundation (HSSF) is a volunteer-run federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in California (ID 83-3880687). We are committed to supporting disadvantaged patients and hospitals providing free healthcare. All funds raised go towards the costs relating to the collection, transportation, storage, maintenance, shipment, clearance, insurance, and fundraising efforts. Our local partner in Sri Lanka, Hospital Services Council (HSC), a leading nonprofit organization founded in 1984, assesses the needs on the ground and distributes equipment equitably.

We have already shipped six 40ft container loads of medical equipment worth well over $600,000, and currently, our warehouse is full of essential medical equipment awaiting shipment. We are raising funds to ship two more 40ft container loads to fulfill the critical demands in Sri Lanka. Your generous support is essential for us to continue our effort, and we appreciate any help you can provide, including volunteering to share your expertise.

We also help our local community with blood drives and have completed one blood drive in partnership with Red Cross and Peace Lutheran Church in Danville CA to help with the increased demand for blood. Also completed a project to make face masks and donate to the needy local communities and nonprofit organizations during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Wellness program conducts talks, classes, and workshops on Mindfulness Meditation and Compassion to help improve the health and well-being of the citizenry. These courses provide the tools necessary to manage stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. These courses are tailored for civic groups, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. Our qualified instructors will further customize these courses to fit particular needs. Please contact us by emailing Wellness@HospitalSSF.org for further information.

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