Hospital Services Council (HSC) - Sri Lanka

The Hospital Services Council (HSC) founded in 1984, is a government-approved charity headquartered at The National Hospital of Sri Lanka. HSC was started with the goal to help the patients in need of assistance at the National Hospital and since have expanded their reach across the nations government hospitals. The Council coordinates its services with the administration and the medical staff of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo and other regional organizations and hospitals across the Island.

The Hospital Services Support Foundation (HSSF) is the HSC partner in California, USA. All the medical equipment and supplies sent by HSSF are received, stored, and distributed equitably to the needy patients and hospitals by HSC to continue to foster a mutually beneficial partnership with the aim of helping the needy.

To become the first Center of Excellence towards a Healthy society.

To help the National Hospital of Sri Lanka implement its health care, economic, educational, social, cultural and human resources development programs.

Message From The Director Of Hospital Services Council (HSC) - Sri Lanka

Rev. Rajawelle Subhuti Thera

Director, Hospital Service Council - Vipassi Buddhist center

Looking back into the past few years, we have continued to expand our partnerships with local and overseas individuals and organizations that have enabled us to provide a better service year after year. Sincere thank you to our sponsors, donors and volunteers. Very special thanks to our overseas partners in Australia, USA, Canada, and UK for their dedication to continue providing us container loads full of invaluable medial equipment and supplies. However, demands from the needy patients and rural hospitals are overwhelming and we need to continue expanding our efforts, particularly to strengthen our resources locally for storage, distribution, maintenance, as well as funding.
Our warmest appreciation to the Board of Directors of the National Hospital, the Chief Matron and the Special Grade Nursing staff, Consultants and other medical staff, the Hospital Secretaries and all other staff in other regions, for extending their cooperation that enables us to help the needy.
HSC is a transparent organization and an internationally recognized firm audits all our financial reports. Audited financial reports, as well as how we track funds and materials are available for your information. Much merit to everyone for dedicated and committed service.

Hospital Services Support Foundation | 2019 – 2022

federal tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization in California (ID 83-3880687)