Sponsorship Opportunities

Direct sponsorship of our key activities in the shipment of essential medical items to Sri Lanka gives you a unique opportunity to participate in a worthy cause, and help the needy. Please support in any way you can to sponsor. We very much appreciate your support.

Partnership opportunities

Join us on this meritorious journey to help the needy. Once you join us, you will be kept abreast of our activities and progress. We also appreciate if you are able to help us with your expertise. All individual partners have FREE access to our Wellness programs and partner organizations get over 40% discount for tailored Wellness programs to fit organization needs. Please visit the Wellness Tab for more details.

Thank you so much for visiting this page and supporting our efforts to help the needy. Please select from below, to sign up for a partnership and/or a sponsorship for container shipments of medical supplies and equipment to Sri Lanka. We appreciate your kind support.